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Best Road Mobility Scooters

  • March 3, 2020

Finding A Replacement To Car Travel

There are many reasons a person might need to find an alternative to car travel. It could be a conscious choice eg. you’ve moved to a place where public transport makes more sense, you want to help save the environment or you simply can’t afford to run a car anymore. However, some people may be in a situation where they’re forced to stop driving due to having a condition or disability that impacts their safety, and the safety of others, on the roads. This can be a shock and whilst it signifies the end of freedom for most people, there are always other alternatives.

I Got My Licence Revoked, What Next?

The DVLA has the right to revoke drivers licences for those who have conditions that may effect their reaction times and logical thinking. As well as those who may not be physically fit to drive due to mobility problems, arthritis, etc. Whilst it’s not fair and causes problems for elderly and disabled people, it’s intention is to keep the roads, and most importantly, you, safe. So if you believe you’re close to having your licence revoked and you’re wondering what to do, read on.

Finding An Alternative

One of the best alternatives to car travel is road mobility scooters. To clarify, these are mobility scooters that allow you to legally travel on the road. To qualify as a road scooter, the scooter must feature the following:

  • 8 mph top speed
  • Full lighting setup including indicators
  • Rear view mirrors

Although not required, road scooters can also feature:

  • Higher range
  • Large form factor
  • Suspension
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Captain seat

The average range of a road mobility scooter is 24 miles. A problem many people have with road mobility scooters is that they fall short on range. Cars are capable of travelling hundreds of miles with a single tank of petrol However, if you think about it, how often do you require your car to travel more than 24 miles?

“Only 5% of all journeys in the UK are over 25 Miles.” – 2017

Depending on what you need, road mobility scooters also have some advantages over cars. For a start, road mobility scooters are cheap to run. Once you’ve bought your road mobility scooter, all you need to do is charge it each night after use, with no need to buy petrol or even MOT your road scooter. Here are some more reasons why switching to a road scooter may be a smart choice:

  • Compact – they’re easy to store and don’t require you to have a driveway.
  • Easy to maintain – Road mobility scooters don’t need to be MOT’d. But, mobility scooter servicing is recommended.
  • You don’t need to pass a stressful test or spend money on lessons.
  • They can go places where cars can’t – this is particularly useful if you live in the city as it gives you full mobility.

Best Road Scooters

Some Great Road Mobility Scooters To Replace Your Car

Drive Royale 4 Sport

  • Modern hard canopy to protect from rain
  • Digital dash display to keep you in the loop
  • All-round suspension guarantees a smooth ride
  • Large fully adjustable captain seat for comfort
  • Automatic speed reduction when steering
  • 28 Mile Range – That’s around 3.5 Hours at full speed

With a roof canopy, one of the main advantages that the Drive Royale 4 Sport has over other mobility scooters is that it has a hard roof canopy, which as well as making it look a bit like a car, gives you some protection from the weather.

Drive King Cobra

King Cobra road mobility scooter
  • Unmissable geometric effect tiller design
  • Large wheels give great ground clearance
  • twin USB sockets to charge your devices
  • Handy cup holder
  • Suspension for a guaranteed smooth ride
  • Lighting for safe travel at night
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Comfortable captain seat
  • 32 Mile Range – That’s 4 Hours at full speed

Not only does it look super sleek and stylish, it also has an exceptional range, giving you 32 miles travel off of one charge. That’s plenty of mileage to get you to town and back, even with a little exploration in between.

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