Choosing the Right Powerchair

  • February 4, 2020

What To Consider Before choosing a Powerchair.

Sometimes known as powerchairs and sometimes called electronic wheel chairs, they’re a great way for wheelchair users to become completely independent. But they’re not cheap. So, before setting your heart on your next powerchair, there are a multitude of factors to consider that will effect how much you’ll get from it. As it’s a big investment and one that you want to last as long as possible, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the right powerchair to be able to support your day-to-day needs.

Why Do You Need A powerchair?

Before deciding what type of electronic wheelchair would suit you best, you need to think about why you need it and what you’ll be using it for. Everybody is different and will have different reasons for needing a wheelchair. There are some considerations to think about when it comes to choosing the right powerchair, such as:

  • How far do you want to travel?
  • Where do you want to go?
  • Do you require any extras/adaptations to the wheelchair?
  • Will you usually have an assistant travelling with you?
  • Will you need your electronic wheelchair to fit in the car?
  • How wide does your seat need to be?

Types Of Powerchair

Powerchairs can be classified by their function and size. 3 main categories of powerchairs include.


Compact electronic wheel chairs are perfect for if you need a wheelchair you can occasionally take apart to fit in the car. This type of wheelchair is great for a big day out such as to the zoo, it’s also great if you want to go away for the weekend and allows you to bring mobility with you. However, these wheelchairs can still be quite heavy and usually require two people to help with lifting into a car.

Drive Titan Compact LTE powerchair

Drive Titan Compact LTE

  • Splits Easily Into 4 Pieces
  • 8 Mile Range
  • 18 Stone Weight Capacity
  • LinX Programmable Controls


Standard powerchairs are definitely larger than compact wheelchairs, but that’s not the only difference they offer. A standard powerchair would usually include more features than a compact powerchair. They also tend to offer more opportunity for adjustment than compact powerchairs, making them ideal for those who require more support and need to be in a specific position. Standard powerchairs usually feature a larger wheel base too, allowing for a stable ride, even with the seat extended to full height.

P327 midi powerchair

Rascal P327

  • Suspension
  • Adjustable armrests
  • 19 Mile Range
  • 21 Stone weight capacity


They do what they say on the tin. A folding electronic wheelchair is the best option if you’re looking for something you can easily take in and out of the car with little help required. This is perfect for those people who are always on the move, and fold to be compact enough to fit on public transport too, so wherever you go, you’ll always have your mobility with you. The only downside to this type of powerchair is that they have a limited range (usually around 10 miles), but if only want to take short trips to the shops or visit a museum for a day out then this is the type of wheelchair for you.

Igo plus folded powerchair

I Go Plus

  • 10 Mile Range
  • Easy Folding Mechanism
  • Front Suspension
  • Large Wheels
  • Great Indoors/Outside

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