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Can Mobility Scooters Look Trendy?

  • February 12, 2020

A Look at the Drive Easy Rider

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes in order to make them practical for different things such as road travel and portable travel, they usually include slightly different features. But they are all quite similar and if you just don’t like the look of mobility scooters, you may be put off using one. But there’s a road scooter that’s challenging the traditional design that we’ve been seeing for the last decade, boldly demonstrating that mobility scooters don’t need to be plain and boring. The scooter in question is called the Drive Easy Rider, and it might just be the coolest mobility scooter we’ve ever seen.

Taking Inspiration From Motorbikes

easy rider road mobility scooter

Far removed from the design we’re all used to, the Easy Rider is heavily inspired by motorbike design and it’s obvious when you see it for yourself.

Whether you’re into motorbikes or not, there’s no denying that the Easy Rider looks cool. It’s no gimmick, the Easy Rider stays true to its motorbike design from top to bottom.

It’s Not All Looks

It’s easy to assume that underneath it’s motorbike style exterior, the Easy Rider is just a standard scooter. But you’d be wrong because, as well as looking like a motorbike, the Easy Rider utilises motorbike style engineering. Let’s take a closer look at some motorbike inspired features that allow the Easy Rider to provide superior performance and incredible comfort:

Drastically Different Control Panel

  • A motorbike style throttle handle
  • Dual dial control panel
  • Wide motorbike style handlebars

Stylish Wheel Hubs

Stylish Wheels hubs
  • Stylish wheel hubs that catch any splash if the ground is wet, keeping your motorbike clean and maintenance free.

Telescopic Motorbike Suspension

telescopic motorbike suspension
  • Telescopic motorbike suspension on the front wheel offers superior comfort over traditional mobility scooter suspension.

Excellent Performance

Taking it back to basics, we all know that no matter how cool a mobility scooter looks or many fancy features it has, if you can’t trust it to provide all day travel it’s all pointless. Well, the Easy Rider doesn’t fall short when it comes to performance, either. Take a look at these specs:

  • Full Lighting For Safe Travel At Night
  • Comfortable Captain Seat With Swivel Functionality
  • 31 Mile Range – Nearly 4 Hours travel at full speed
  • 28 Stone Weight Limit – a scooter for everyone
  • 8 mph top speed
  • Road Legal

Our Verdict

The Easy Rider, with a trendy motorbike style design is certainly a talking point. This is a mobility scooter to get excited about, and wherever you travel with it, there’s no doubt you’ll look cool. An all-round fantastic scooter that doesn’t let design take away from its consistently superior performance.

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