easy rider road mobility scooter

Can Mobility Scooters Look Trendy?

  • February 12, 2020

A Look at the Drive Easy Rider

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes in order to make them practical for different things such as road travel and portable travel, they usually include slightly different features. But they are all quite similar and if you just don’t like the look of mobility scooters, you may be put off using one. But there’s a road scooter that’s challenging the traditional design that we’ve been seeing for the last decade, boldly demonstrating that mobility scooters don’t need to be plain and boring. The scooter in question is called the Drive Easy Rider, and it might just be the coolest mobility scooter we’ve ever seen.

Taking Inspiration From Motorbikes

easy rider road mobility scooter

Far removed from the design we’re all used to, the Easy Rider is heavily inspired by motorbike design and it’s obvious when you see it for yourself.

Whether you’re into motorbikes or not, there’s no denying that the Easy Rider looks cool. It’s no gimmick, the Easy Rider stays true to its motorbike design from top to bottom.

It’s Not All Looks

It’s easy to assume that underneath it’s motorbike style exterior, the Easy Rider is just a standard scooter. But you’d be wrong because, as well as looking like a motorbike, the Easy Rider utilises motorbike style engineering. Let’s take a closer look at some motorbike inspired features that allow the Easy Rider to provide superior performance and incredible comfort:

Drastically Different Control Panel

  • A motorbike style throttle handle
  • Dual dial control panel
  • Wide motorbike style handlebars

Stylish Wheel Hubs

Stylish Wheels hubs
  • Stylish wheel hubs that catch any splash if the ground is wet, keeping your motorbike clean and maintenance free.

Telescopic Motorbike Suspension

telescopic motorbike suspension
  • Telescopic motorbike suspension on the front wheel offers superior comfort over traditional mobility scooter suspension.

Excellent Performance

Taking it back to basics, we all know that no matter how cool a mobility scooter looks or many fancy features it has, if you can’t trust it to provide all day travel it’s all pointless. Well, the Easy Rider doesn’t fall short when it comes to performance, either. Take a look at these specs:

  • Full Lighting For Safe Travel At Night
  • Comfortable Captain Seat With Swivel Functionality
  • 31 Mile Range – Nearly 4 Hours travel at full speed
  • 28 Stone Weight Limit – a scooter for everyone
  • 8 mph top speed
  • Road Legal

Our Verdict

The Easy Rider, with a trendy motorbike style design is certainly a talking point. This is a mobility scooter to get excited about, and wherever you travel with it, there’s no doubt you’ll look cool. An all-round fantastic scooter that doesn’t let design take away from its consistently superior performance.

Di Blasi R30 folding mobility scooter

The Di Blasi Scooter – Easy Folding

  • February 12, 2020

Is the Di Blasi R30 the Best Folding Scooter?

The only way to make real change is to start from the beginning. Ignoring all the rules and starting from the drawing board is an Italian company called Di Blasi. In Fact, their latest scooter, the Di Blasi R30, is so far removed from the traditional mobility scooter design that you wouldn’t even call it a mobility scooter if you saw it in the street. But this isn’t a negative, the Di Blasi R30’s unique design allows it to overcome some of the shortcomings that come part and package with more traditional mobility scooters.

What Makes the R30 So Great?

The Di Blasi R30 is a true folding mobility scooter. With an automatic folding mechanism & and an incredibly lightweight frame, the R30 requires you to do very little, really. In fact, it’s the lightest folding mobility scooter, weighing just 22 Kg, making it transport friendly for planes, trains and buses. The transport friendly design makes the R30 particularly useful for taking abroad so you can enjoy your mobility on holiday, using the telescopic handle that allows you to pull the scooter like a suitcase.

di blasi scooter

Sticking to the Italian theme and bringing style as well as convenience, the Di Blasi R30 is available in 3 colours.

Key Features

  • Automatic folding mechanism
  • Extremely Lightweight – Just 22 kg
  • Suitable For Use In Airports, Public Transport & Shops
  • Large Wheels With High Ground Clearance
  • 15 Mile Range – Nearly 4 Hours At Full Speed

As outlined above, the Di Blasi R30 is also powerful, capable of travelling up to 15 miles on one charge. This incredibly high range is almost unheard of when it comes to folding scooters, with the average range being just 12 miles.

The video below showcases how east it is to fold and unfold for transport, as well as how the scooter performs on the move. Take a look and see what you think.

The Benefits Over a Traditional Folding Scooter

  • Completely redesigned frame for lightweight travel
  • Large wheels give a ground clearance of 12 cm
  • Automatic folding, so you don’t need to do anything
  • Perfect for taking abroad – airport friendly design
GoGo Elite Sport mobility scooter

The Pride Elite Traveller Range – A Comparison

  • February 10, 2020

A Look at Pride’s Popular Elite Traveller Range

Everyone who knows about mobility scooters has heard of the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller range, Pride Mobility’s popular fleet of scooters. Adopting the traditional design of the portable mobility scooter, the Elite Traveller range of scooters all share the same thing in common, their USP. What makes Pride’s Elite Traveller range stand out is nothing other than their reliability, power and great value for money. With no gimmicks and a straightforward design, there’s nothing to hide behind, these portable scooters are just great at what they do: Provide affordable and portable mobility at a reasonable price.

Comparing Performance

Elite Traveller

Elite traveller LX portable scooter
  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 21 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 16 Kg

Elite Traveller Plus

  • Range: 15 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 23 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 16 Kg

Elite Traveller Sport

  • Range: 14 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 23 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 20 Kg

Elite Traveller LX

  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 19 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 15.2 Kg

As you can see, each scooter from the Elite Traveller Range has similar performance across the board but the one that stands out is the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus, a scooter with incredible performance all round. This is a scooter made for those who want to go further yet still have a portable mobility scooter. The heaviest piece once disassembled is just 16 Kg. Also, a weight capacity of 23 stone makes this portable scooter perfect for most users. Offering great value for money, the Elite Traveller Plus offers a comfortable ride & a convenient travel solution.

Unbeatable Ease Of Transport

The Elite Traveller Plus is your best bet when it comes to transport because it’s heaviest piece is just 16 Kg but also because this scooter offers wireless disassembly, allowing you to make the scooter ready for car travel without worrying about damaging the electrics. Furthermore, off-board charging allows you to leave your Elite Traveller Plus in the car and take the batteries inside to be charged overnight. Charge your scooter ready for travel the next day without having to bring the whole scooter inside, you’ll appreciate this after a long day out and it will allow you to get going quickly in the morning.

Elite Traveller Plus Dismantled

Featuring an adjustable swivel seat and front basket for shopping, the Elite Traveller Plus can be used for all sorts. The swivel seat allows you to sit at tables and offers easy transfers in to the car or a wheelchair without much effort. Take your essentials on every journey with the removable front shopping basket that provides ample room, just because this is a compact scooter, doesn’t mean you’ll feel cramped whilst riding it.

Customise Your Style

Customise your style with the Elite Traveller Plus, including 2 interchangeable colours that can be switched easily without the need for any tools.

changeable colour panels



Best Off-Road Mobility scooter

  • February 7, 2020

Pride Ranger Off-Road Mobility Scooter Was Made to be Tough

If you live in built up areas like a town or village with roads or pavements, chances are a pavement scooter would be more than enough to get you about safely. But what if you live in an area where the terrains a little more challenging? There aren’t many scooters capable of travelling across rough terrain, leaving people with disabilities who live in more rural areas in a bit of a dilemma. But what if there was a scooter capable handling off-road terrain? This would allow those people full freedom to explore their local area with ease. Let’s have a look at the best off-road mobility scooter and discover what makes it different from standard mobility scooters.

Introducing The Pride Ranger

The Pride Ranger is a 4×4 off-road mobility scooter that was made to be tough. It doesn’t just cope with rough terrain, it was made to glide with ease across fields, farm tracks, parks & even beaches. This is a mobility scooter that offers full freedom in terms of where you can travel. If you live on a farm or like to explore nature, this is the scooter for you.

Pride Ranger off-road mobility scooter

What Makes The Ranger so Capable?

The Ranger’s unique design allows it to travel across different terrains with grace and ease. The first thing you’ll notice about this 4×4 scooter is that it’s larger than most road scooters, giving it an instant advantage when travelling across challenging terrain. Comparing it against other road scooters, the high ground clearance is an important part of making it such a good scooter for off-road travel. your average road scooter might have up to 10 cm ground clearance, whereas the Ranger offers an ample 15 cm of ground clearance. Large, deep-tread pneumatic tyres allow the Ranger to travel with ease across bumpy terrain, soaking up the bumps and providing excellent contact with the ground.

Key Features

  • Soft Suspension
  • Large 14.5″ tyres
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 25 Stone Max Weight
  • 30 Mile Range

What’s It Like To Drive?

So, we’ve established that the Ranger handles off-road conditions with ease, but how comfortable is it? Featuring a cushioned Captain seat & soft suspension, it’s a pleasure to drive. The Captain seat provides comfort & stability, making you feel safe on the move, the suspension soaks up bumps to give you a smoother ride, even over rough terrain. There’s even a digital LCD display that shows you important information about your journey such as speed control & battery life.

Outstanding Design

Pride have outdone themselves with the design of the Ranger, it’s a practical scooter with a bold design that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. It comes in 2 unique colours:



K-Lite portable kymco mobility scooters

The Kymco K-lite Comfort

  • February 6, 2020

The Kymco K-Lite Portable Scooter

Portable mobility scooters are great for low cost & convenient mobility, but a compact size sometimes means sacrificing features seen on larger scooters. Well, with the Kymco K-Lite Comfort this isn’t an issue you need to worry about. You get to enjoy portable mobility & a comfortable ride, and at such a reasonable price, it’s a fantastic deal to take advantage of if you value portability but don’t want to sacrifice your comfort.

Portable Boot Scooter With Suspension

Kymco K-Lite Comfort Mink

Key Features

  • 10 Mile Range
  • Heaviest Part – 15 Kg
  • Off-Board Charging
  • Compact Design
  • Easy Disassembly

The K-Lite Comfort is a portable mobility scooter featuring suspension for a super comfortable ride. It’s something rarely seen on portable mobility scooters but as this type of scooter is generally more compact, it’s important to have something in place to give you a smooth ride. The K-Lite was designed to travel across smoother terrain, making it ideal for use in shopping centres & around town. However, if you happen to encounter some rough terrain on the pavement, you’ll be grateful of the all-round suspension system.

K-Lite Comfort Suspension

All-round suspension for a butter smooth ride.

Being a true portable scooter, the K-Lite Comfort does this part with ease. Featuring an easy disassembly system, the K-Lite Comfort is perfect for shopping trips, city breaks or just a leisure ride if it’s a nice day. The K-Lite disassembles into 5 separate parts that fit in the boot, offering a quick and easy solution to portable mobility. Go from having a fully working mobility scooter to 5 lightweight parts, with the heaviest part weighing just 15 Kg. This gives you more independence & freedom because it allows you to take your scooter virtually anywhere with you in the car.

K-Lite Comfort disassembly

Enjoy your day without anything weighing you down. The Kymco K-Lite Comfort is all about free movement & independence. There’s even more opportunity open to you thanks to the K-Lite Comfort’s compact design. Easily manoeuvre through tight gaps & weave through busy areas without getting stuck anywhere. With a width of just 50 cm, the K-Lite allows you to go wherever you could before having a scooter.

4 Classy Colours






Overall, the Kymco K-Lite Comfort is an extremely popular scooter and it’s easy to see why. This is a scooter that combines portability and comfort to offer premium travel at a low cost.

Colt Plus Controls

Best 4mph Pride Mobility Scooter

  • February 5, 2020

Introducing the Pride Colt Plus mobility scooter

For the complete mobility experience, look no further than the Pride Colt Plus, a 4mph pride mobility scooter that promises a luxurious and convenient drive every time. The first thing to note about the Colt Plus is that it’s made by a manufacturer famous for the attention to detail and high quality engineering that goes into their products. This means the least you can expect from the Pride Colt Plus is a smooth ride and reliable electronics, but it’s capable of so much more than that.

What Makes The Colt Plus Stand Out?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering “what’s the twist?”, allow us to explain. The Pride Colt Plus can be easily disassembled to fit in the boot, setting it apart from other pavement scooters. This is unusual for a pavement scooter because they’re never usually considered portable enough to fit in a boot. But, the Colt Plus somehow manages to be a pavement scooter & a portable scooter at the same time. If you’ve read our other articles, you’ll know that scooters can be categorised into 4 different groups. What we have here is a scooter that can fit into more than one group. This essentially gives you 2 scooters for the price of one, so you’re on to a winner. Think of it as getting 2 scooters for the price of 1.

Pride Colt Plus 4mph pride mobility scooter

All the desirable aspects of a pavement scooter: high range, high weight limit & a more substantial ride, but with a focus on portability.

Key Features

Colt Plus tiller adjust
  • LED Headlights
  • Off-Board Charging
  • Back-Lit Battery Gauge
  • 15 Mile Range
  • 25 Stone weight Capacity

The Smoothest Ride

You’ve got try the Pride Colt Plus to get a proper feel of just how smooth & comfortable the ride is. 10″ pneumatic tyres act as a cushion between you and the ground. Finished with stylish silver wheel hubs & terrain gripping tyres on the rear, you’ve got a very comfortable and responsive ride. The tiller on this 4mph pride mobility scooter is adjustable so you can find your perfect driving position, providing you with an even more comfortable ride.

Colt Plus Controls

Taking a closer look at the tiller, you’ll notice a control panel with back-lit battery gauge. There’s an ergonomic tiller handle and a front shopping basket for storage.

Pride Apex Lite

The Best Budget Portable Scooter?

  • February 5, 2020

A Review of the best portable scooter to suit your budget

The Pride Apex Lite is arguably the best budget portable scooter, featuring a compact frame & wireless disassembly, is a great example of everything a portable scooter should be. Made by Pride Mobility, a reputable manufacturer in the mobility world, reliable electronics & fantastic build quality are the least you can expect from this scooter. Before we continue, you can bag the Apex Lite for as little as £629 on the internet. This a fantastic deal for such an advanced portable mobility scooter.

High Performance

Pride Apex Lite best budget portable scooter

Key Features

  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Weight Limit: 21 Stone
  • Easy Disassembly To Fit In The Car
  • Off-Board Charging For Convenience

The Pride Apex Lite is a budget mobility scooter that offers the same level of performance as more expensive models. With a travel range of 10 miles on one charge, you’ll get to enjoy travel all day with the Pride Apex Lite, giving you peace of mind when you’re on the move. Pride’s high quality engineering makes the Apex Lite a durable mobility scooter that can hold a user weight of up to 21 stone. Travelling at a comfortable pace of 4 mph, the Apex Lite allows it’s user complete freedom for travelling around areas like town & shopping centres.

Not only is the Apex Lite compact, it also features a simple and wire free disassembly system. This allows you to dismantle the scooter in mere seconds, without the need for extra help. Once dismantled, this scooter fits easily into most boots for car transport, with the heaviest part weighing just 15 Kg. This is a great feature that allows you to bring your mobility scooter virtually anywhere with you.

Apex Lite boot scooter

If you’re unsure whether the Apex Lite would fit in your car boot, take a look below. It fits easily into a Mini, proving how compact it can be once dismantled.

Overall, the Pride Apex Lite is probably the best budget portable scooter you can buy. It ticks all the boxes of being an affordable, reliable and portable scooter. Giving you full freedom, the Pride Apex Lite is a scooter that allows you to live your life and travel independently.

cheap mobility scooters online argos

Cheap Mobility Scooters Online

  • February 4, 2020

Staying smart when shopping for online mobility scooters

Argos mobility scooters are a popular choice for people shopping for cheap mobility scooters online. Low prices from a famous name make Argos mobility scooters an appealing option. But are there better options available? If you can get a better deal elsewhere, why not have a shop around? When you’re shopping for something so important, it’s vital that you trust the company. Make sure the shop you buy from has a good aftercare service in place to make sure if you need a replacement part or any advice, it’s there for you.

Alternatives To Argos Mobility Scooters

There are hundreds of online stores selling a range of mobility scooters you can choose from. But your best bet, when shopping online, is to buy from a trusted mobility aids store. Online mobility specialists such as Great British Mobility are a better option than Argos mobility scooters because they specialise in disability and mobility aids. With a focus on helping people with their mobility and nothing else, the difference in service and professionalism is noticeable. The prices are the same if not cheaper than mobility scooters from Argos. In addition to this, mobility specialists usually stock a wider range of manufacturers such as Pride & Kymco, giving you much more choice

Advantages Of Choosing a Mobility Specialists

Mobility Specialists offer plenty of advantages over cheap mobility scooters online. What sets mobility specialists apart from general retailers like Argos is their ability to offer continued support and professional advice. Here are some advantages you benefit from when choosing a mobility specialist:

  • Mobility specialists have a close relationship with manufacturers and meetings usually take place one a month with suppliers to keep up to date with new and discontinued products.
  • There’s more choice available to you when choosing how you’ll pay for your scooter from a specialist. You can choose to spread the cost with finance, pay on delivery or even have a charity make a donation.
  • Mobility Specialists operate in partnership with Motability, a popular government scheme that helps you spread the cost of your scooter. This is a benefit you wouldn’t get at Argos.
  • What if your scooter breaks down? Retailers like Argos aren’t equipped to fix your mobility scooter. Specialists have professional engineers that can repair your scooter quickly, having the relevant parts and tools on hand and a workshop dedicated to fixing scooters.
  • They’re called ‘specialists’ for a reason, with a wealth of knowledge to help you decide which scooter is best for you and your needs, mobility specialists will give honest advice and consider your budget. Rather than just sell you a scooter, specialists are there to offer help every step of the way.
Pride Mobility Logo

Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews

  • February 4, 2020

Affordable Pride Mobility scooters

Pride mobility are one of the leading mobility aid manufacturers and their products are are known worldwide. Pride mobility scooters are known for their reliability & ease of use, that’s what makes them so popular. When you buy a Pride mobility scooter, you’re investing in mobility that won’t let you down. With dozens of models available to buy, one of the main things to keep in mind with Pride mobility scooters is that they’re affordable, so there’s sure to be one that suits your budget as well as your needs. Read on to see our honest and informative Pride mobility scooter reviews that will help you make the right choice when buying your next mobility scooter.

Pride mobility scooters span from portable scooters ,such as the Pride Apex Lite, that are perfect for the car and public transport, to large road scooters such as the Pride Colt Plus.

The Pride Apex Lite is one of the cheapest Pride mobility scooters available today. it’s the ideal choice if you’re looking for a portable mobility scooter that disassembles to fit easily into the boot. The Pride Apex Lite is ideal for shopping trips because thanks to its compact size, it will easily go anywhere with you, easily manoeuvring through tight and crowded areas.

Pride Apex Lite

Pride Apex Lite

  • Comes Apart To Fit In The Boot
  • Heaviest Part Weighs 15Kg
  • 10 Mile Range
  • High Weight Capacity

The Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus offers the same as the Pride Apex Lite with some extra capabilities. With an improved range and a higher weight capacity, the Elite Traveller Plus offers a more substantial mobility experience.

GoGo elite traveller plus

Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus

  • Comes Apart To Fit In The Boot
  • Adjustable Seat & Tiller
  • 15 Mile Range
  • High Weight Capacity – 23 St.
  • Off-Board Charging

Read more about the Elite Traveller Plus & explore other Pride mobility scooter reviews.

Moving on to the larger Pride mobility scooters, the Pride Colt Sport is a road mobility scooter with an 8mph speed. The Pride Colt Sport has a sleek design and is fully road legal, meaning it’s equipped to give you a safe and comfortable ride. Easy handling and smooth travel make this mobility scooter a great choice for road or pavement travel. allowing you to go where other mobility scooter users can’t.

Pride Colt Sport

Pride Colt Sport

  • Sleek & Sporty Design
  • Full LED Lighting
  • Exceptional 27 Mile Range
  • High Weight Capacity – 25 St.
  • Full Suspension System
  • Soft Pneumatic Tyres

Kymco Logo

Kymco Mobility scooter Reviews

  • February 3, 2020

Kymco Mobility Scooter buying guide

Kymco, the motorbike manufacturer, make some of the very best mobility scooters. Some Kymco mobility scooters take inspiration from motorbikes and this is reflected in the comfort and reliability of each mobility scooter. These Kymco mobility scooter reviews should help guide you to make the right choice based on what you need from your scooter.

The Kymco K-Lite Comfort is one of the best examples of Kymco mobility scooters. It features all round suspension for added comfort when you’re on the move. Something rarely seen on portable scooters, it’s one of the most comfortable portable scooters on the market.

K-Lite portable kymco mobility scooters

K-Lite Comfort

  • Comfort Suspension For A Smooth Ride
  • Compact Design For Easy Manoeuvrability
  • Disassembles To Go In Most Boots
  • Heaviest Part Weighs Only 15 Kg (Front Section)
  • Off-Board Charging For Convenience

Kymco make great portable mobility scooters that offer comfort and performance. In addition, Kymco sell larger scooters that have a longer range and are suitable for using on the road. One example of a Kymco road scooter that offers a comfortable ride is the Kymco Agility.

The Kymco Agility is a road scooter that makes great use of its suspension & a comfortable Captain seat to provide one of the most comfortable rides. Taking inspiration from their experience in the motorcycle industry, Kymco have included a useful LCD digital dash display that allows you to see important information such as the time, but most importantly, your battery life & your speed, keeping you in the loop.

Kymco mobility scooters

Kymco Agility

  • Road Legal
  • Luxurious Captain Seat
  • 25 Mile Range
  • Motorcycle Style LCD display
  • Off-Board Charging For Convenience

To Sum Up

In short, it’s clear that Kymco’s attention to detail and consideration of the end user and their needs has payed off. Every scooter we’ve seen from Kymco reflects their work ethic and attention to detail. If nothing else, then the quality of Kymco’s products make them a great choice for anyone who’s looking for trustworthy mobility. Being a motorbike manufacturer gives Kymco the edge. We hope our Kymco mobility scooter reviews help you choose the right mobility scooter for your needs.

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