Drive Royale 4 sport road scooter

Best Road Mobility Scooters

  • March 3, 2020

Finding A Replacement To Car Travel

There are many reasons a person might need to find an alternative to car travel. It could be a conscious choice eg. you’ve moved to a place where public transport makes more sense, you want to help save the environment or you simply can’t afford to run a car anymore. However, some people may be in a situation where they’re forced to stop driving due to having a condition or disability that impacts their safety, and the safety of others, on the roads. This can be a shock and whilst it signifies the end of freedom for most people, there are always other alternatives.

I Got My Licence Revoked, What Next?

The DVLA has the right to revoke drivers licences for those who have conditions that may effect their reaction times and logical thinking. As well as those who may not be physically fit to drive due to mobility problems, arthritis, etc. Whilst it’s not fair and causes problems for elderly and disabled people, it’s intention is to keep the roads, and most importantly, you, safe. So if you believe you’re close to having your licence revoked and you’re wondering what to do, read on.

Finding An Alternative

One of the best alternatives to car travel is road mobility scooters. To clarify, these are mobility scooters that allow you to legally travel on the road. To qualify as a road scooter, the scooter must feature the following:

  • 8 mph top speed
  • Full lighting setup including indicators
  • Rear view mirrors

Although not required, road scooters can also feature:

  • Higher range
  • Large form factor
  • Suspension
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • Captain seat

The average range of a road mobility scooter is 24 miles. A problem many people have with road mobility scooters is that they fall short on range. Cars are capable of travelling hundreds of miles with a single tank of petrol However, if you think about it, how often do you require your car to travel more than 24 miles?

“Only 5% of all journeys in the UK are over 25 Miles.” – 2017

Depending on what you need, road mobility scooters also have some advantages over cars. For a start, road mobility scooters are cheap to run. Once you’ve bought your road mobility scooter, all you need to do is charge it each night after use, with no need to buy petrol or even MOT your road scooter. Here are some more reasons why switching to a road scooter may be a smart choice:

  • Compact – they’re easy to store and don’t require you to have a driveway.
  • Easy to maintain – Road mobility scooters don’t need to be MOT’d. But, mobility scooter servicing is recommended.
  • You don’t need to pass a stressful test or spend money on lessons.
  • They can go places where cars can’t – this is particularly useful if you live in the city as it gives you full mobility.

Best Road Scooters

Some Great Road Mobility Scooters To Replace Your Car

Drive Royale 4 Sport

  • Modern hard canopy to protect from rain
  • Digital dash display to keep you in the loop
  • All-round suspension guarantees a smooth ride
  • Large fully adjustable captain seat for comfort
  • Automatic speed reduction when steering
  • 28 Mile Range – That’s around 3.5 Hours at full speed

With a roof canopy, one of the main advantages that the Drive Royale 4 Sport has over other mobility scooters is that it has a hard roof canopy, which as well as making it look a bit like a car, gives you some protection from the weather.

Drive King Cobra

King Cobra road mobility scooter
  • Unmissable geometric effect tiller design
  • Large wheels give great ground clearance
  • twin USB sockets to charge your devices
  • Handy cup holder
  • Suspension for a guaranteed smooth ride
  • Lighting for safe travel at night
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Comfortable captain seat
  • 32 Mile Range – That’s 4 Hours at full speed

Not only does it look super sleek and stylish, it also has an exceptional range, giving you 32 miles travel off of one charge. That’s plenty of mileage to get you to town and back, even with a little exploration in between.

travelling on trains with a disability

Travelling On Trains With a Disability

  • February 24, 2020

Last week, BBC Local Radio broadcast an interview with a wheelchair user who wanted to set the record straight when it came to helping people with disabilities travel on the train. It was an insightful interview that made us aware of the troubles that disabled train users often encounter. One of the main points outlined how and when to help disabled users on the train, pointing out that members of the public should ask before trying to help somebody in a wheelchair or mobility scooter. This interview was aimed at giving the general public an insight into what it’s like travelling on trains with a disability. But, rather than advising the public on how to help, i thought it would be better to outline what a typical train journey looks like for people with disabilities.

travelling on trains with a disability

Before You Leave

To make travelling on trains with a disability go as smooth as possible, you need to make sure you prepare beforehand and find out the rules of the particular train line you’ll be travelling with. You can do this by calling the company or looking them up online eg. Mobility scooters Northern Rail. Each train line has their own rules but there are some things to consider regardless:

  • Make the trainline aware that you need assistance so they can organise help for you.
  • Be aware that most train lines only accept the following: manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs & folding mobility scooters.
  • There is probably a weight limit, too. Make sure your vehicle is under the weight limit for your train line.
  • It’s always better to travel with somebody as staff may not help you.

You’re not on your own, there are companies out there that focus on helping disabled people travel without any hassle. They’ll help you with booking tickets and organising personal assistance on the day. One such website is called CrossCountry trains that offer a service called Journey Care.

At the Train Station

Train stations are usually busy, a bit frantic and it seems like nobody is entirely sure of where they’re going. Because of this, it’s a good idea to arrive in plenty of time to compose yourself before finding your platform. There’ll be a member of staff to see the train off so make sure they’re aware that you need a ramp and give them time to set it up before you get on. Another thing to point out is that people may not be courteous of you and your needs so you need to be prepared for this. It’s every man for himself when it comes to train travel. When you’re nearing your stop, give yourself enough time to get off the train without panicking.

Making Railway Travel More Accessible

Even if you do follow this article and prepare as much as you can, you may still feel stressed and a bit lost when you’re at the train station and on the train. To improve railway travel for people with disabilities, rather than asking the person to do more, councils and train lines need to do more. There needs to be more of an effort to make railway travel more accessible to disabled people. Below are some ideas we came up with, let us know below what ideas you have to improve railway travel.

  • Trains with automatic ramps that don’t require disabled users to wait or hold up queues.
  • Separate tickets for disabled users who require extra assistance or specific seats.
  • More in-depth training for train station staff so they’re always fully equipped to help people disabilities on the platform.
  • A separate entrance or carriage that could be used by the lesser abled: mothers with prams, elderly people & disabled people.

What about travelling abroad? check out our article that explains how to enjoy mobility abroad by clicking the link.

easy rider road mobility scooter

Can Mobility Scooters Look Trendy?

  • February 12, 2020

A Look at the Drive Easy Rider

Mobility scooters come in all shapes and sizes in order to make them practical for different things such as road travel and portable travel, they usually include slightly different features. But they are all quite similar and if you just don’t like the look of mobility scooters, you may be put off using one. But there’s a road scooter that’s challenging the traditional design that we’ve been seeing for the last decade, boldly demonstrating that mobility scooters don’t need to be plain and boring. The scooter in question is called the Drive Easy Rider, and it might just be the coolest mobility scooter we’ve ever seen.

Taking Inspiration From Motorbikes

easy rider road mobility scooter

Far removed from the design we’re all used to, the Easy Rider is heavily inspired by motorbike design and it’s obvious when you see it for yourself.

Whether you’re into motorbikes or not, there’s no denying that the Easy Rider looks cool. It’s no gimmick, the Easy Rider stays true to its motorbike design from top to bottom.

It’s Not All Looks

It’s easy to assume that underneath it’s motorbike style exterior, the Easy Rider is just a standard scooter. But you’d be wrong because, as well as looking like a motorbike, the Easy Rider utilises motorbike style engineering. Let’s take a closer look at some motorbike inspired features that allow the Easy Rider to provide superior performance and incredible comfort:

Drastically Different Control Panel

  • A motorbike style throttle handle
  • Dual dial control panel
  • Wide motorbike style handlebars

Stylish Wheel Hubs

Stylish Wheels hubs
  • Stylish wheel hubs that catch any splash if the ground is wet, keeping your motorbike clean and maintenance free.

Telescopic Motorbike Suspension

telescopic motorbike suspension
  • Telescopic motorbike suspension on the front wheel offers superior comfort over traditional mobility scooter suspension.

Excellent Performance

Taking it back to basics, we all know that no matter how cool a mobility scooter looks or many fancy features it has, if you can’t trust it to provide all day travel it’s all pointless. Well, the Easy Rider doesn’t fall short when it comes to performance, either. Take a look at these specs:

  • Full Lighting For Safe Travel At Night
  • Comfortable Captain Seat With Swivel Functionality
  • 31 Mile Range – Nearly 4 Hours travel at full speed
  • 28 Stone Weight Limit – a scooter for everyone
  • 8 mph top speed
  • Road Legal

Our Verdict

The Easy Rider, with a trendy motorbike style design is certainly a talking point. This is a mobility scooter to get excited about, and wherever you travel with it, there’s no doubt you’ll look cool. An all-round fantastic scooter that doesn’t let design take away from its consistently superior performance.

Di Blasi R30 folding mobility scooter

The Di Blasi Scooter – Easy Folding

  • February 12, 2020

Is the Di Blasi R30 the Best Folding Scooter?

The only way to make real change is to start from the beginning. Ignoring all the rules and starting from the drawing board is an Italian company called Di Blasi. In Fact, their latest scooter, the Di Blasi R30, is so far removed from the traditional mobility scooter design that you wouldn’t even call it a mobility scooter if you saw it in the street. But this isn’t a negative, the Di Blasi R30’s unique design allows it to overcome some of the shortcomings that come part and package with more traditional mobility scooters.

What Makes the R30 So Great?

The Di Blasi R30 is a true folding mobility scooter. With an automatic folding mechanism & and an incredibly lightweight frame, the R30 requires you to do very little, really. In fact, it’s the lightest folding mobility scooter, weighing just 22 Kg, making it transport friendly for planes, trains and buses. The transport friendly design makes the R30 particularly useful for taking abroad so you can enjoy your mobility on holiday, using the telescopic handle that allows you to pull the scooter like a suitcase.

di blasi scooter

Sticking to the Italian theme and bringing style as well as convenience, the Di Blasi R30 is available in 3 colours.

Key Features

  • Automatic folding mechanism
  • Extremely Lightweight – Just 22 kg
  • Suitable For Use In Airports, Public Transport & Shops
  • Large Wheels With High Ground Clearance
  • 15 Mile Range – Nearly 4 Hours At Full Speed

As outlined above, the Di Blasi R30 is also powerful, capable of travelling up to 15 miles on one charge. This incredibly high range is almost unheard of when it comes to folding scooters, with the average range being just 12 miles.

The video below showcases how east it is to fold and unfold for transport, as well as how the scooter performs on the move. Take a look and see what you think.

The Benefits Over a Traditional Folding Scooter

  • Completely redesigned frame for lightweight travel
  • Large wheels give a ground clearance of 12 cm
  • Automatic folding, so you don’t need to do anything
  • Perfect for taking abroad – airport friendly design
mobility scooter bag with crutch holder

Mobility Scooter Accessories

  • February 12, 2020

Top 5 Essential Mobility Scooter Accessories

Buying a mobility scooter is similar to buying a car: it works great on it’s own, but you may require some extras to help you get the most out of it. Below is a list of essentials to help you make the most of your mobility scooter by enhancing the way you travel and the way you store your scooter. When we think of accessories, we usually just think it’s an upsell or something gimmicky. But it’s good to remember that having all these accessories isn’t vital, you should just choose the ones that benefit you and enhance your mobility. So without further ado, here is our top 5 list of mobility scooter accessories to help you get the most from your mobility scooter:

1. Weather Cover

Investing in a weather cover is a smart choice if you have a larger scooter you keep in the shed. Weather covers do what they say on the tin and fit most mobility scooters (check first). They’re also great to pack with you on long journeys if you plan to leave your scooter outside a shop.

Mobility scooter cup holder

2. Cup Holder

It’s good to stay hydrated, so if your mobility scooter doesn’t include a cup holder then this is a great investment. The purpose of this is to completely free up your hands so you can focus on your driving and stay safe.

mobility scooter weatherproof cape

3. Cape

Buy a cape for your mobility scooter, and thank yourself later. Mobility scooter capes are basically tailored anoraks that fit over both you and your scooter. This protects you from the rain and wind when you’re on the move.

mobility scooter bag with crutch holder

4. Bag With Crutch Holder

This is absolutely essential whether your scooter has a front basket or not. Never worry about storage again and, if you do require crutches, this is a great way to bring them on the move with you.

mobility scooter seat cushion

5. Seat Cushion

One of the only downsides to having a compact scooter is the seat that can sometimes be less than adequate, leaving you wondering if you’d be better off with a larger scooter. With a seat cushion you can enjoy all the comfort that comes with a larger scooter.

This list is in no particular order and some of the accessories mentioned in this list may not benefit you. However, we hope you found something useful that you haven’t considered before.

GoGo Elite Sport mobility scooter

The Pride Elite Traveller Range – A Comparison

  • February 10, 2020

A Look at Pride’s Popular Elite Traveller Range

Everyone who knows about mobility scooters has heard of the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller range, Pride Mobility’s popular fleet of scooters. Adopting the traditional design of the portable mobility scooter, the Elite Traveller range of scooters all share the same thing in common, their USP. What makes Pride’s Elite Traveller range stand out is nothing other than their reliability, power and great value for money. With no gimmicks and a straightforward design, there’s nothing to hide behind, these portable scooters are just great at what they do: Provide affordable and portable mobility at a reasonable price.

Comparing Performance

Elite Traveller

Elite traveller LX portable scooter
  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 21 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 16 Kg

Elite Traveller Plus

  • Range: 15 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 23 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 16 Kg

Elite Traveller Sport

  • Range: 14 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 23 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 20 Kg

Elite Traveller LX

  • Range: 10 Miles
  • Weight Capacity: 19 St
  • Heaviest Piece: 15.2 Kg

As you can see, each scooter from the Elite Traveller Range has similar performance across the board but the one that stands out is the Pride GoGo Elite Traveller Plus, a scooter with incredible performance all round. This is a scooter made for those who want to go further yet still have a portable mobility scooter. The heaviest piece once disassembled is just 16 Kg. Also, a weight capacity of 23 stone makes this portable scooter perfect for most users. Offering great value for money, the Elite Traveller Plus offers a comfortable ride & a convenient travel solution.

Unbeatable Ease Of Transport

The Elite Traveller Plus is your best bet when it comes to transport because it’s heaviest piece is just 16 Kg but also because this scooter offers wireless disassembly, allowing you to make the scooter ready for car travel without worrying about damaging the electrics. Furthermore, off-board charging allows you to leave your Elite Traveller Plus in the car and take the batteries inside to be charged overnight. Charge your scooter ready for travel the next day without having to bring the whole scooter inside, you’ll appreciate this after a long day out and it will allow you to get going quickly in the morning.

Elite Traveller Plus Dismantled

Featuring an adjustable swivel seat and front basket for shopping, the Elite Traveller Plus can be used for all sorts. The swivel seat allows you to sit at tables and offers easy transfers in to the car or a wheelchair without much effort. Take your essentials on every journey with the removable front shopping basket that provides ample room, just because this is a compact scooter, doesn’t mean you’ll feel cramped whilst riding it.

Customise Your Style

Customise your style with the Elite Traveller Plus, including 2 interchangeable colours that can be switched easily without the need for any tools.

changeable colour panels



Yoga folding mobility scooter

Taking Mobility Scooters On Planes

  • February 7, 2020
Mobility abroad

A Guide to Taking Mobility Scooters on Holiday

Spring is approaching fast, signalling the time when many hit the holiday sites to nab a good deal for a summer getaway. When you’re booking a holiday, you’re thinking about finding the best deal, organising flights and deciding what you want to do whilst you’re there. Closer to the time you’re focus is on buying some new clothes, stocking up on sun cream and fantasising about being next to the pool in exactly 2 weeks, 4 days, 12 hours & 41 minutes time.

But as a mobility scooter user there’s something you’ve still not considered, your mobility. Perhaps you’re going to see some sights, or maybe you’re planning on spending your evenings strolling along the beach front. But, you know you get tired after a couple of minutes walking. You need a mobility scooter you can take with you and the options are limited. Read on to find out what to consider when it comes to taking mobility scooters on planes, as well as what type of scooter is best to take on your holiday.

The Yoga Folding Scooter

When it comes to travelling abroad, there’s one scooter that we’d recommend due to its lightweight design, easy folding mechanism & compact form factor. The Yoga Folding Scooter has a total weight of 26 Kg, ensuring you don’t have any troubles at the airport or during your stay. An ample range of 10 miles allows you to travel for hours on the Yoga Folding Scooter, allowing you to enjoy your day without fatigue getting in the way.

yoga folding mobility scooters on planes

Not only does the Yoga Folding scooter offer easy travel abroad, it also offers comfort which is something that’s vital when you’re on your holidays. Suspension on the Yoga soaks up bumps in the road so you can glide along and relax. It’s also durable, with an 18 stone max user weight, making it great for most users and one of the strongest folding scooters.

Key Features

  • 18 Max User Weight
  • 26 Kg Total Weight
  • 10 Mile Range
  • Suspension

5 Top Tips For Taking Mobility Scooters On Planes

1. Find An Appropriate Airline: In plenty of time before your holiday, try to find an airline that will accept your mobility scooter by looking online or ringing different airlines up.

2. Organise Help: Double check the day before you go to make sure the airport is aware and ready to assist you with your needs.

3. Help The Airline Staff Help You: Make sure airline staff know how to operate the folding mechanism of your scooter to prevent accidental damage.

4. Charge Your Scooter: be sure to charge your scooter fully the night before so you don’t get stranded anywhere at the airport.

5. Remember An Adapter: Finally, take an appropriate plug adaptor with you to make sure you can charge the scooter wherever you’re going.

We Hope This Helped

We hope this cleared up some of the questions and worries involved in taking mobility scooters on planes.

Best Off-Road Mobility scooter

  • February 7, 2020

Pride Ranger Off-Road Mobility Scooter Was Made to be Tough

If you live in built up areas like a town or village with roads or pavements, chances are a pavement scooter would be more than enough to get you about safely. But what if you live in an area where the terrains a little more challenging? There aren’t many scooters capable of travelling across rough terrain, leaving people with disabilities who live in more rural areas in a bit of a dilemma. But what if there was a scooter capable handling off-road terrain? This would allow those people full freedom to explore their local area with ease. Let’s have a look at the best off-road mobility scooter and discover what makes it different from standard mobility scooters.

Introducing The Pride Ranger

The Pride Ranger is a 4×4 off-road mobility scooter that was made to be tough. It doesn’t just cope with rough terrain, it was made to glide with ease across fields, farm tracks, parks & even beaches. This is a mobility scooter that offers full freedom in terms of where you can travel. If you live on a farm or like to explore nature, this is the scooter for you.

Pride Ranger off-road mobility scooter

What Makes The Ranger so Capable?

The Ranger’s unique design allows it to travel across different terrains with grace and ease. The first thing you’ll notice about this 4×4 scooter is that it’s larger than most road scooters, giving it an instant advantage when travelling across challenging terrain. Comparing it against other road scooters, the high ground clearance is an important part of making it such a good scooter for off-road travel. your average road scooter might have up to 10 cm ground clearance, whereas the Ranger offers an ample 15 cm of ground clearance. Large, deep-tread pneumatic tyres allow the Ranger to travel with ease across bumpy terrain, soaking up the bumps and providing excellent contact with the ground.

Key Features

  • Soft Suspension
  • Large 14.5″ tyres
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 25 Stone Max Weight
  • 30 Mile Range

What’s It Like To Drive?

So, we’ve established that the Ranger handles off-road conditions with ease, but how comfortable is it? Featuring a cushioned Captain seat & soft suspension, it’s a pleasure to drive. The Captain seat provides comfort & stability, making you feel safe on the move, the suspension soaks up bumps to give you a smoother ride, even over rough terrain. There’s even a digital LCD display that shows you important information about your journey such as speed control & battery life.

Outstanding Design

Pride have outdone themselves with the design of the Ranger, it’s a practical scooter with a bold design that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. It comes in 2 unique colours:



staying safe on a mobility scooter

Staying Safe on a Mobility Scooter

  • February 6, 2020

5 Tips for staying safe on a mobility scooter

Just bought a brand new mobility scooter? Getting a new mobility scooter is always exciting, especially if you’ve been housebound for a while. Most people can’t wait to get on the road once their scooter arrives and understandably so, but there are some important things you should know in order to make your first journey go as smooth as possible. So, whether you’ve never owned a mobility scooter before, or you’re a seasoned driver, you’re sure to find some of these tips about staying safe on a mobility scooter helpful.

staying safe on a mobility scooter

1. Make Sure You’re Confident

Don’t run before you can walk. Before you take your new scooter for a spin, make sure you’re confident driving it and if you’re unsure about any of the controls, read the manual. If you live on a quiet road, take the scooter for a little practice ride. However obvious this tip seems, it’s probably the most important to take into account, particularly if you own a road scooter and plan on travelling on the road. Being confident when travelling on the road is detrimental to keeping you safe.

Having confidence on the road is vital if you own a road scooter, so check out this link for more tips from the professionals at Motability: Road Safety For Scooters

2. Take a Working Mobile Phone

Before setting off anywhere, especially if you’re planning to travel far, it’s always a good idea to take a fully charged mobile phone or other means of contact with you. The reason we recommend doing this is because in a worst case scenario you may run out of battery or your scooter could break down, so it’s nice to have somebody to call for help. Having an emergency contact will put your mind at ease and allow you to enjoy your journey worry free.

3. Plan Your Route

Make sure you plan your journey before you set off anywhere you’ve never been before. This doesn’t mean you can’t go for a ramble about in the local park. All we mean is make sure you know you can get there safely, trying to avoid busy roads and rough terrain along the way. Also, if you’re considering trying to roll your scooter up a high kerb because it’s easier than finding a sloped kerb, don’t. Forcing your scooter to travel up a kerb can cause serious damage and is particularly dangerous on a 3-wheel scooter.

4. Always Pack Your Essentials

Important items to take with you:

  • Medication
  • Waterproof Coat
  • Food & Drink
  • Money
  • Sun Cream (if it’s sunny out)

Making sure you pack properly can make the difference between a good journey and a bad one. The best thing you can do to make sure you pack the essentials listed above. Bringing a waterproof coat with you may not seem that important but you can never trust the weather in Britain. On the other hand, in the rare event that the weather is nice, it’s important to bring sun cream with you because you’re always fully exposed to the sun on a mobility scooter.

5. Make Sure Your Scooter Is Fit For Travel

Always make sure your mobility scooter fit for travel, and is in a safe condition to use. Firstly, make sure you always fully charge the batteries (at least 8 hours) before setting off. Have a quick look at the tyres and make sure they’re not deflated or have any scuffs in to avoid getting a flat tyre on your journey. And finally, have a look to make sure there are no loose screws or parts anywhere.

Find out more about how to charge your batteries by clicking this link: Charging your mobility scooter

Colt Plus Controls

Best 4mph Pride Mobility Scooter

  • February 5, 2020

Introducing the Pride Colt Plus mobility scooter

For the complete mobility experience, look no further than the Pride Colt Plus, a 4mph pride mobility scooter that promises a luxurious and convenient drive every time. The first thing to note about the Colt Plus is that it’s made by a manufacturer famous for the attention to detail and high quality engineering that goes into their products. This means the least you can expect from the Pride Colt Plus is a smooth ride and reliable electronics, but it’s capable of so much more than that.

What Makes The Colt Plus Stand Out?

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably wondering “what’s the twist?”, allow us to explain. The Pride Colt Plus can be easily disassembled to fit in the boot, setting it apart from other pavement scooters. This is unusual for a pavement scooter because they’re never usually considered portable enough to fit in a boot. But, the Colt Plus somehow manages to be a pavement scooter & a portable scooter at the same time. If you’ve read our other articles, you’ll know that scooters can be categorised into 4 different groups. What we have here is a scooter that can fit into more than one group. This essentially gives you 2 scooters for the price of one, so you’re on to a winner. Think of it as getting 2 scooters for the price of 1.

Pride Colt Plus 4mph pride mobility scooter

All the desirable aspects of a pavement scooter: high range, high weight limit & a more substantial ride, but with a focus on portability.

Key Features

Colt Plus tiller adjust
  • LED Headlights
  • Off-Board Charging
  • Back-Lit Battery Gauge
  • 15 Mile Range
  • 25 Stone weight Capacity

The Smoothest Ride

You’ve got try the Pride Colt Plus to get a proper feel of just how smooth & comfortable the ride is. 10″ pneumatic tyres act as a cushion between you and the ground. Finished with stylish silver wheel hubs & terrain gripping tyres on the rear, you’ve got a very comfortable and responsive ride. The tiller on this 4mph pride mobility scooter is adjustable so you can find your perfect driving position, providing you with an even more comfortable ride.

Colt Plus Controls

Taking a closer look at the tiller, you’ll notice a control panel with back-lit battery gauge. There’s an ergonomic tiller handle and a front shopping basket for storage.