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Cheap Mobility Scooters Online

  • February 4, 2020

Staying smart when shopping for online mobility scooters

Argos mobility scooters are a popular choice for people shopping for cheap mobility scooters online. Low prices from a famous name make Argos mobility scooters an appealing option. But are there better options available? If you can get a better deal elsewhere, why not have a shop around? When you’re shopping for something so important, it’s vital that you trust the company. Make sure the shop you buy from has a good aftercare service in place to make sure if you need a replacement part or any advice, it’s there for you.

Alternatives To Argos Mobility Scooters

There are hundreds of online stores selling a range of mobility scooters you can choose from. But your best bet, when shopping online, is to buy from a trusted mobility aids store. Online mobility specialists such as Great British Mobility are a better option than Argos mobility scooters because they specialise in disability and mobility aids. With a focus on helping people with their mobility and nothing else, the difference in service and professionalism is noticeable. The prices are the same if not cheaper than mobility scooters from Argos. In addition to this, mobility specialists usually stock a wider range of manufacturers such as Pride & Kymco, giving you much more choice

Advantages Of Choosing a Mobility Specialists

Mobility Specialists offer plenty of advantages over cheap mobility scooters online. What sets mobility specialists apart from general retailers like Argos is their ability to offer continued support and professional advice. Here are some advantages you benefit from when choosing a mobility specialist:

  • Mobility specialists have a close relationship with manufacturers and meetings usually take place one a month with suppliers to keep up to date with new and discontinued products.
  • There’s more choice available to you when choosing how you’ll pay for your scooter from a specialist. You can choose to spread the cost with finance, pay on delivery or even have a charity make a donation.
  • Mobility Specialists operate in partnership with Motability, a popular government scheme that helps you spread the cost of your scooter. This is a benefit you wouldn’t get at Argos.
  • What if your scooter breaks down? Retailers like Argos aren’t equipped to fix your mobility scooter. Specialists have professional engineers that can repair your scooter quickly, having the relevant parts and tools on hand and a workshop dedicated to fixing scooters.
  • They’re called ‘specialists’ for a reason, with a wealth of knowledge to help you decide which scooter is best for you and your needs, mobility specialists will give honest advice and consider your budget. Rather than just sell you a scooter, specialists are there to offer help every step of the way.

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