Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter

  • February 5, 2020

Making Sure you choose a mobility scooter that’s right for you

Buying a mobility scooter is a big investment so of course you want to make sure you’re choosing the right mobility scooter. Many people buy a mobility scooter on a whim only to regret it later on when they realise they’ve spent their money on something that isn’t up to the job. This posts aims to outline some considerations to make before buying, the categories of scooter & what each scooter is best used for in an effort to help you avoid mistakes.

What To Consider?

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There are many factors to consider before deciding which scooter is right for you. To help you with choosing the right mobility scooter, here are some of the most important factors to consider:

  • Your Weight: The maximum weight capacity of mobility scooters range from 14-30 Stone, so when choosing a mobility scooter this is the first thing to look for.
  • How Far You Want To Travel: What you’ll be using the scooter for determines how far you’ll want to travel on one charge. The travel range of a mobility scooter outlines how far it will travel on one charge.
  • What You’ll Use It For: The way you want to use your mobility scooter will determine what size and features you want from it, this is an important factor to narrow down the category.

Categories Of Mobility Scooter?

The best way to categorise mobility scooters when you’re trying to find the right one is by their function. On most mobility specialists websites, you’ll find that there are 4 main categories of mobility scooter to choose from. The 4 main types of mobility scooter are:

Portable/Boot Scooters

Expected Performance

  • Range: 10-18 Miles
  • Maximum User Weight: 14-23 Stone
  • Speed: 4 Mph

Portable scooters put a focus on being easy and hassle free to transport & manoeuvre. Portable scooters are usually compact, lightweight and sometimes feature a disassembly system that allows you to easily take it apart so it fits into the boot. Made for convenience, portable scooters usually feature off-board charging. This gives you the freedom to leave the scooter in the car and take the batteries inside.

Pavement Scooters

Expected Performance

  • Range: 18-25 Miles
  • Maximum User Weight: 18-27 Stone
  • Speed: 4 Mph

Pavement scooters are larger than portable mobility scooters and this coincidentally means that they offer a more substantial ride. Most pavement scooters have pneumatic tyres which offer a softer and more comfortable ride. Pavement scooters have a higher range on average than portable scooters, making them better suited to users who need to travel further. Pavement scooters are more durable too, with a high weight limit and a Captain seat for more a comfortable journey.

Road Scooters

Expected Performance

  • Range: 25-35 Miles
  • Maximum User Weight: 22-30 Stone
  • Speed: 4-8 Mph

Road scooters are capable of travelling on the road as well as on the pavement, they go twice as fast as the scooters in the other categories: 8 MPH, and they have more advanced features. Because they need to be road legal, they have some extras that are there to make your journey safer and more comfortable. With features such as suspension, headlights & indicators, road scooters offer the most comfortable and stable ride. This type of mobility scooter is intended as a replacement for a car so they’re capable of a high range. They allow you to travel all day locally and even to town without any bother.

Folding Scooters

Expected Performance

  • Range: 12-15 Miles
  • Maximum User Weight: 15-21 Stone
  • Speed: 4 Mph

Folding scooters are a fantastic choice if you require a scooter that feature a quick and easy folding mechanism that allows you to fit the scooter in your boot. Due to their compact size, they are best used in places that have smooth ground, such as shopping centres and around town. Folding scooters have either a manual or automatic folding mechanism and are the most convenient type of scooter on this list in terms of transporting in the car or on public transport.

It’s Up To You

Ultimately, it’s up to you when it comes to choosing the right mobility scooter. There’s a huge range to choose from online but we hope this helped send you in the right direction. If you buy a mobility scooter online and realise it’s not the right scooter for you, don’t worry. Mobility retailers are obliged to give at least 14 day returns, meaning you have time to change your mind.

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