Charging Your Mobility Scooter

  • February 4, 2020

Charging your mobility scooter properly

charging your mobility scooter

One of the most common questions I hear being asked by mobility scooter users relates to something that seems so simple, but it’s something that has sparked a never-ending debate with everybody chipping in. The intention of this post is to hopefully provide some clarity when it comes to charging your mobility scooter. This will help you get the most out of your batteries by keeping them healthy for as long as possible.

Keep In Mind

Like everything else, mobility scooter batteries don’t last forever. They are rechargeable but over time lose their capacity and will need replacing at some point. So if you know you’re charging your mobility scooter properly and you’re not getting much range, it may be time to start looking for new batteries. On the other hand, new mobility scooter batteries need to go through 15-20 full charges before they reach full potential, so don’t worry if your scooter isn’t going as far as you expected.

Also, every scooter is different. Always read the manual and make sure you read the charging instructions before proceeding to charge your scooter.


There’s no easier way to keep your batteries healthy than by sticking to a routine. This is the best way to make sure charging your scooter doesn’t feel like a chore and helps you remember. The evening is the best time to charge your scooter so it’s ready for you to use the next morning.

How Often Should You Charge?

If you’re Using Your Scooter Everyday: If you use your mobility scooter every day, you should charge it every night (even if you only used some of the battery)

If you’re not using your scooter (maybe the weather’s bad): Still charge your scooter once per week to keep them active, this will help keep them healthy.

How Long For?

In most cases, a green light will show when your mobility scooter is charged. This may happen after just 4 hours but it doesn’t mean you should take it off charge.

Most mobility scooters are fully charged after 8 hours. But, if you have a larger mobility scooter it can sometimes take up to 12 hours to fully charge it.

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