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Kymco Mobility scooter Reviews

  • February 3, 2020

Kymco Mobility Scooter buying guide

Kymco, the motorbike manufacturer, make some of the very best mobility scooters. Some Kymco mobility scooters take inspiration from motorbikes and this is reflected in the comfort and reliability of each mobility scooter. These Kymco mobility scooter reviews should help guide you to make the right choice based on what you need from your scooter.

The Kymco K-Lite Comfort is one of the best examples of Kymco mobility scooters. It features all round suspension for added comfort when you’re on the move. Something rarely seen on portable scooters, it’s one of the most comfortable portable scooters on the market.

K-Lite portable kymco mobility scooters

K-Lite Comfort

  • Comfort Suspension For A Smooth Ride
  • Compact Design For Easy Manoeuvrability
  • Disassembles To Go In Most Boots
  • Heaviest Part Weighs Only 15 Kg (Front Section)
  • Off-Board Charging For Convenience

Kymco make great portable mobility scooters that offer comfort and performance. In addition, Kymco sell larger scooters that have a longer range and are suitable for using on the road. One example of a Kymco road scooter that offers a comfortable ride is the Kymco Agility.

The Kymco Agility is a road scooter that makes great use of its suspension & a comfortable Captain seat to provide one of the most comfortable rides. Taking inspiration from their experience in the motorcycle industry, Kymco have included a useful LCD digital dash display that allows you to see important information such as the time, but most importantly, your battery life & your speed, keeping you in the loop.

Kymco mobility scooters

Kymco Agility

  • Road Legal
  • Luxurious Captain Seat
  • 25 Mile Range
  • Motorcycle Style LCD display
  • Off-Board Charging For Convenience

To Sum Up

In short, it’s clear that Kymco’s attention to detail and consideration of the end user and their needs has payed off. Every scooter we’ve seen from Kymco reflects their work ethic and attention to detail. If nothing else, then the quality of Kymco’s products make them a great choice for anyone who’s looking for trustworthy mobility. Being a motorbike manufacturer gives Kymco the edge. We hope our Kymco mobility scooter reviews help you choose the right mobility scooter for your needs.

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