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  • February 7, 2020

Pride Ranger Off-Road Mobility Scooter Was Made to be Tough

If you live in built up areas like a town or village with roads or pavements, chances are a pavement scooter would be more than enough to get you about safely. But what if you live in an area where the terrains a little more challenging? There aren’t many scooters capable of travelling across rough terrain, leaving people with disabilities who live in more rural areas in a bit of a dilemma. But what if there was a scooter capable handling off-road terrain? This would allow those people full freedom to explore their local area with ease. Let’s have a look at the best off-road mobility scooter and discover what makes it different from standard mobility scooters.

Introducing The Pride Ranger

The Pride Ranger is a 4×4 off-road mobility scooter that was made to be tough. It doesn’t just cope with rough terrain, it was made to glide with ease across fields, farm tracks, parks & even beaches. This is a mobility scooter that offers full freedom in terms of where you can travel. If you live on a farm or like to explore nature, this is the scooter for you.

Pride Ranger off-road mobility scooter

What Makes The Ranger so Capable?

The Ranger’s unique design allows it to travel across different terrains with grace and ease. The first thing you’ll notice about this 4×4 scooter is that it’s larger than most road scooters, giving it an instant advantage when travelling across challenging terrain. Comparing it against other road scooters, the high ground clearance is an important part of making it such a good scooter for off-road travel. your average road scooter might have up to 10 cm ground clearance, whereas the Ranger offers an ample 15 cm of ground clearance. Large, deep-tread pneumatic tyres allow the Ranger to travel with ease across bumpy terrain, soaking up the bumps and providing excellent contact with the ground.

Key Features

  • Soft Suspension
  • Large 14.5″ tyres
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 25 Stone Max Weight
  • 30 Mile Range

What’s It Like To Drive?

So, we’ve established that the Ranger handles off-road conditions with ease, but how comfortable is it? Featuring a cushioned Captain seat & soft suspension, it’s a pleasure to drive. The Captain seat provides comfort & stability, making you feel safe on the move, the suspension soaks up bumps to give you a smoother ride, even over rough terrain. There’s even a digital LCD display that shows you important information about your journey such as speed control & battery life.

Outstanding Design

Pride have outdone themselves with the design of the Ranger, it’s a practical scooter with a bold design that’s sure to stand out from the crowd. It comes in 2 unique colours:



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